Thank you from soldiers

Dear Operation: Military Matters

This email is to express my gratitude on behalf of the Soldiers. The care packages you send to us are extremely valuable and very well appreciated. Through your donations and support you are boosting the moral of our troopers and therefor you effectively contribute to the Combat Readiness of the Troops.

These young men and women are doing an amazing job in very difficult conditions and in one of the most dangerous place in the world. The moral is good and it is even greater when I open the care packages to share the items. We usually divide the boxes per items/categories so Soldiers can “shop” and chose what they want and need. I can’t describe the gratitude I feel when I see their faces lighting as they search and find something they really like. Their experience with the local population has a very powerful impact on these young troopers. They are infantry men and women, strong, professional, and passionate about serving the Country. And yet they feel very humbled when they see the life conditions of the local population, especially the kids. They definitively learn to appreciate every little things they have and to further cheer our nation’s values as they fight for them. And they do also appreciate what you and your team are sending to them.

Once again, thank you very much for your support. May God Continues to bless you and your team.

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