Ways to get involved:

The mission of Operation: Military Matters is to send care packages to the military overseas to boost their morale.

There are several ways you can support Operation: Military Matters and can get involved:

1) Everyone who shops on Amazon can help us raise money and it won't cost you anything. All you need to do is make us your charity on the Amazon page. Go to http://bit.ly/OMMCares

2) We also have a Charity page on Amazon, if you would like to donate items directly to us. Go to http://bit.ly/OMMList

3) We are always looking for names of military serving overseas to ship to. If you know someone serving overseas, you can submit their name on our website at www.operationmilitarymatters.com and we will send them a care package.

4) You can write thank you cards to send in the care packages. We send these in every care package and our military love them!!! Mail them to us at Operation: Military Matters PO Box 8132, Seminole, FL 33775

5) Donate money to help pay for items and shipping. Each care package we send costs about $19.50 in shipping and inside the items are about $20. You can use PayPal by going to PayPal.Me/ommcares

6) You can come to a packing party with your members. Sign up to receive emails to know when we pack. Go to our website to sign up. www.operationmilitarymatters.com

7) You can have a donation bin at your school or office and collect items for the care packages. We can supply the bin with information about OMM.

8) Create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook. It's free to do and the money comes directly to OMM. Click here to find out how to set it up.

Thank you so much for your support!


operationmilitarymatters@gmail.com or call 727-479-5570